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Best DIY Stepping Stones ideas

Are you living in a house with beautiful garden or you are shifting to a new one where you wanted to develop a garden on your own. For both the cases you might need to build stepping stones. These can be used for patio or path or you can also point the way through your garden. So if you are looking for these stepping stones, then why don`t you create these on your own. A DIY stepping stone project can easily be carried out on a simple craft table or even in a corner of your garage.  By creating stepping stones on your own, you will be able to showcase your personality and the creative touch that you have in you. So if you are now agreed on carrying the project yourself, then following is the material requirement:

  • Portland Cement
  • Mold
  • Water
  • Release Agent like Pam or any other thing that is already available with you
  • Decorative elements

You may use anything as mold, but it must be smooth and will able to release the stone when it gets dried. A disposable plastic container can serve your purpose well because it can release the stone just like an ice cube comes out of tray. If you are looking to create large DIY stepping stones then you may cake pans or boxes with plastic wraps.


One thing important to note here is that if you are creating a large stepping stone, then you should use chicken wire into your mold when you filled it nearly the half of what you want in actual and then fill the remaining mold. This will help your DIY stepping stone to gain extra strength and protect it from any likely cracks. Similarly using extra gravel can also protect the delicate edges of your stepping stone.

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