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Jar Labels with the help of Paper and Packing Tape ideas

Are you planning to construct a backyard greenhouse? It is really not a difficult thing to do, but for this you must have some good plan to build on. You can construct your greenhouse in many different styles and way as you like. So following is a simple guideline about how to construct a beautiful DIY greenhouse without much worry.


How and where to find plan

As it is mentioned above that the first thing you need for a DIY greenhouse construction is a solid plan that can help you about how to move forward. You can find such plans from your local library or bookstore as there are many books that are offering such plans. If you don`t find a suitable plan here, then you can take the help from online sources as there are many websites that are offering such plans and share the practical execution too.

Selection of style and size of greenhouse


Whenever the word greenhouse comes to our mind the first structure that we imagine is a large Victorian style shed which is covered with the help of glass panels. This is surely one of the styles but it is not the only one and for some it is definitely not a practical solution. There are some other DIY greenhouse styles too that you can choose from:

  • The arching/hoop greenhouse which is made with PVC piping and lumber. It is inexpensive and easily to build for growing large plants.
  • Another option is hot bed design. It is a smaller in size and made entirely from wood.
  • Grown rack greenhouse is another style which is also made of wood. This is a tall standup structure just like a cupboard. There are racks and shelves inside where you can place variety of plants.
  • The lean greenhouse is one the best option for all those who are looking to save some material. It is just like a midsized greenhouse that you can attach to the side or backyard of your house.

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