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How to Improve Your Kitchen Backsplash with DIY Backsplash Ideas

If you don`t know what exactly is the kitchen backsplash then, it’s the place on wall between the wall cabinets and countertops. It is intended to protect your walls from discoloration. These are mostly used in areas near your stove, sink as well as the places where you prepare, clean or cook food. Following are some DIY backsplash ideas that can help you a great deal in controlling and fighting stain. These backsplash may also get stained but these are very easy to maintain and clean because of the nature of material used.

Rustic Backsplash with old Pallets


If you have some old shipping pallets at home and you don`t find any immediate use of it, then these can serve your purpose for making a rustic backsplash. For this you only have to find some good condition old pallets and clean them by scrubbing and then cut these to small pieces. If you want to give a different yet beautiful look then you can easily apply various stain colors to make a backsplash design. This will surely be an easy DIY backsplash idea that you can execute without any difficulty.


Wine Cork Backsplash

Another classy yet easy backsplash idea for your kitchen wall is to make a backsplash with the help of wine cork. You can use these wine corks in so many ways to give an attractive look but the easiest is to attach the corks to the board with the help of glue and then place that board on your kitchen wall. It will provide a natural warm tone to your kitchen.

These are few DIY backsplash ideas which can not only make your kitchen wall stain free but will also cost you less as well as less time taking.

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