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Raised Planters ideas

There are very few people who are not interested in gardening or don`t like to grow plants or trees? If you are not one of those and are looking to plant some vegetables and thinking of construction a DIY raised planter, then following are some prerequisite that you must know before starting the project.

  • If you are interested in growing vegetables, then these raised planters are the best option. It will become necessary if your garden has poor drainage system or is having compacted or poor soil. Another advantage of growing raised planters is that you don`t have to bend to harvest the vegetables.
  • You can construct a DIY raised planter easily on a concrete patio. It will take very less space and has a better drainage system as compare to in-ground garden bed. If your raised planter has 12” deep bed then it is enough for most vegetables roots.
  • If you are planning to start plantation in spring, then you should start it little earlier because in raised planters the bed warms up quickly. Further if your bed is 6” deep then it is fine, you should step up extra soil because roots can grow much better in loose soil.
  • If you are looking to build a DIY raised planter on a wooden deck, then think again and do take some expert opinion too, because the planter that is full with soil and water become heavier and can cause some damage to your wooden deck.
  • You can make bed from any material like stone, wood, cinderblocks, bricks or any other material that you want. The depth of base must be 12” or more. Further you must select a location for your raised planter that gets direct sunlight for minimum of six hours every day.

These are few tips that you should consider before constructing your DIY raised planters.


Building a Raised-Bed Vegetable Garden

When untreated wood is used, add a plastic liner to protect the wood and prevent the soil from leaching out in heavy rains.

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